Painting Pets

I have always loved to paint.  Well, truth be told, I love to create anything.  I have many hobbies, which I plan to share with you in the future, but one of my favorite things in the past few years has been to paint portraits of pets.  This one is done in acrylic on canvas board.  The subject is my mom’s mini Australian Shepard Kismet. 


There was a time when I first started painting that I could not paint eyes, but I kept practicing and finally started to understand catch lights  and shaping.  I also learned to be more patient.  I always want things to be completed in one sitting and I have learned that the breaks offer me a chance to get perspective.

This Christmas I was asked to paint two portraits of cats for gifts.   I’ll share them with you when the holidays are over and the gifts have been given.   It came as a surprise that I was asked to paint them, but I’m up for the challenge.  I always like to have new subjects to practice on.

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