Cookie Mania

Turns out that I really love decorating cookies!

Here are a few more that I have done recently.

This is my first time using the edible markers. They are very easy and fun.

I made these for my boyfriend brother for his 40th, and yes I used the same icing as the kitties.

For my sister I made butterflies of all different icings.

With the excess icing I made doggies. I cannot wait until Valentines Day!

The last batch I used egg whites, and the first batch I made the icing with meringue powder. I think I like the egg white texture better, it’s less expensive too. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Hopefully, there is improvement.

Ask and Yee shall Receive

When I was a small girl, I asked for a sister…I got one

There was a time in my youth where I wasn’t so happy about that

Turns out I don’t like sharing so much

But…as we got older we got closer and have had some great adventures

I honestly don’t know what my life would be like without her in it

She just gets me

She is the sweetest and kindest person I know

She’s my best friend

….and today we celebrate her 41st Birthday!

Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma Tulip

Today my grandmother Midge would have been 95. We were very close. I miss her every day. I still smell her perfume and Lucky cigarettes, crave her pot roast and smothered pork chops, and long for her hugs and reassurance. I wish for one more adventure, one more talk, a joke, or story. It’s a blessing and a curse to have had her in my life so long. There are so many wonderful memories, but there is also so much more to miss.

5 Words That Describe Me

Resourceful :

If I do not have a tool, I have been known to use something else to do the job.  I often use knives as screwdrivers, chairs as ladders, meat tenderizer as a hammer among many other things.  This has been a pet peeve of the people I am doing projects with, because when they have gone off in the search of the proper tool, I have already completed the task with something else.   As a grown up, I have learned a bit of patience, and I now have many more proper tools and fewer knives with bent tips, but in a pinch I can makedo…usually.


Speaking of grownups, as time has gone by my level of procrastination has not changed, but I have at least come to understand the reason I do it.  As the perfectionist that I am, I fear putting out subpar work and put off the tasks that I am supposed to perform for fear of failing. This is a self fulfilling prophecy however, because I end up rushing the finished product and missing small details.  It turns out details are not my strong suit, which by-the-way is not something you want to tell a prospective employer during an interview. It’s also why I don’t usually like my artwork. I can see all the mistakes or things that didn’t turn out how I wanted.


My favorite thing to do in public is people watch.  I’m one of those people that can sit in a coffee shop, restaurant, or on a blanket at a festival and amuze myself all day as long if I only have to interact occasionally.  I love people, I hate small talk. No, I loathe small talk. It feels like taking the ACTs, when in reality, it’s usually over much sooner. Most of my favorite things are solitary.  I love to read, write, paint, cook, and do photography. I also love crafting. I like movies and live music, and many other things. I have several very good friends that understand my need for time to myself, but I still feel the strain to connect with them more.


I love animals, old people, babies, and basically anything breathing large or small including plants. I would do anything for my family and friends within my means. My heart is soft, and I love big, but I also hurt big too.  I am an optimist and always think the best in everyone, but I have learned that people don’t always hold the same view. I have a hard time empathizing with people who are always playing the victim. Negativity really sucks the energy out of me.  My house would be full of animals if I could afford to feed them. If you know me, then you know that I am often overextended.


I love to create!  Be it painting, photography, poetry, cooking or what have you I love it.  If I am not able to create something everyday it’s not a great day. If I am focused on what I am doing with my hands then I am at peace with my mind and body.  I think a lot, I mean A LOT. I often have trouble turning off my brain, and creating helps give me a break, plus I can feel proud of what I have done and that gives me a boost too.  Creativity runs in my family. My maternal grandmother and my father were both artist, but it goes even farther back than that. You could say that it runs in my genes on both sides.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about me.  Tomorrow, I’ll me sharing more of my creations!

Finished, My Cody Boy

This is Cody. When I got divorced, I left my dogs Cody and Tullahbee with my exe because my daughters remained there and are very attached to them. I often visit them and it broke my heart to leave them behind, but I know they are happy and living their best life.

Cody was adopted from the Humane Society when he was approximate 3. He’s a love bug and a great cuddler. He barks at everything, including his shadow, especially now that he’s getting deaf. He really enjoys booty scratches and dog biscuits , but is not a huge fan of toys. Of course, walks and car rides are on the top of his list though. All in all, he’s been a wonderful part of my life. I hope you enjoy learning more about him.

It’s the month of Me…let me explain.

January is the month of Me!  This month I will be turning 43, holy smokes!  It’s hard to believe only because that means my parents are almost 70 and my kids are almost adults.  CRAZY! I will be taking the month to introduce you to things that make me ME, things I love, maybe even things that I don’t love so much, because after all, that’s what makes me ME.  

First a few demographics.  I am a woman, almost 43, Midwesterner born and raised.  I have my roots in Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria. I love lefse and beer.  I have been to Germany and Austria, but one day I will make it to Norway and Finland too.  

I have two daughters who are at the moment 17 and 13.  They live most of the time with their Dad, but I see them all the time because we only live 5 minutes apart.  If we wanted to, we could walk to each other’s homes in less than an hour. As they have gotten older I see them less and less, with their work, activities, and friends, this makes me sad, but I know it’s a part of growing up for them and for me.

Visiting most of my family requires me to hop in the car for a road trip.  My dad and stepmom live in Northern Minnesota, and my mother lives in Michigan.  I have several aunts and uncles in my vicinity, as well as cousins, but it’s not the same as having immediate family close by.  That makes me sad sometimes. My sister Melanie is the closest. She’s only a half hour away thankfully, but everyone else is a trek.

Me and my sister Melanie from Christmas this year.

I have my college degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.  I picked that major after going through some other majors on my college journey because I figured I could do anything with it. That logic is correct, but it gives me too many options which is very overwhelming for this introvert.  I have gone in several directions from merchandising in a catalog, data analysis, and database creation, but I am currently working in technical support at a business very close to home. I like helping people all day, but when I get home I am ready to do something creative like cooking, baking, painting, or taking my dog for a walk.

I have discovered that if I don’t do something creative daily it really affects my mood.  Another thing that I must do daily is go outside. I have a dog which provides the perfect excuse to do this multiple times a day.  Not that I need an excuse, I’m a grown up afterall.

So that’s just a start to what makes Gretchen who she is.  Now comes the fun part! Stay tuned.