Pictures with Animals…

Sometimes it takes a few outtakes to get a great picture with animals.

Especially when they are lovey like Zellie Bellie.

We finally got her face, but it required obstructing my sister’s face and an awkward hand.

This is the result of a freshly liked face.

Sometimes, you just have to take them out completely.

Creative Space

A few weeks ago I started a project to revamp my creative space which is on my 3 season porch.

When I bought my house it had carpet, so I pulled it up.

I then stained the only solid wall blue! It’s a color that I spent a lot of years avoiding as my grandmother, mother, and ex husband loved blue. I use often dress in blue, but you’ll only see it in my house sparingly. I decided to embrace it. It’s a nice backdrop to all my art supplies.

Then, I put down vinyl plank flooring. I did it all myself, and it was super easy.

Finally, I brought in the rest of my creative tools and supplies.

Of course, there will be more tweaks, but I am very happy with the way it turned out! It will be a great space to create my art.

Sadie Sue

My dad’s puppy was small enough to hold in one hand at Christmas. Well not anymore! She’s almost all grown up. Look at those toes!!! She’s got Grinch feet! She’s so sweet and loves to cuddle and chase her sisters around the yard. Dogs just make life so much better! God couldn’t have made a better companion for us.

New Cut, New outlook

When we both my girls joined our family I had short hair. Hope, my youngest had begged me to grow it out, so I thought, sure…It took me several years to grow it out, but it got really long after I left my marriage and I just kept letting it grow.

Getting it cut this time was more than just a change of style, in a way it felt like I was lopping off a lot of negative energy. Like when people who have dreadlocks cut their dreads off. It feels like a freshness that I have needed for quite a while.