Working from Home Challenges – Feline Edition

When I first found out that we were going to work from home during the pandemic I was excited. I had visions of waking up later and working in my pjs until 3:30, drinking coffee, and taking walks on my breaks.

All these things have happened and other little benefits, like staying up on laundry and other tasks around the house. I am sure that my pets love having me here, but I am not so sure that they enjoy the fact that I am preoccupied by work.

The most inconvenienced of them is Gibbs.

He’s decided that perching at the edge of my laptop keyboard is the ideal spot to make his upset known. And when that doesn’t work he has several tactics to get my attention:

The first becoming a 12lb arm weight.

He completely covers the lower portion of the keyboard with his tail.

If the first two don’t work, then he curls up right between my arms so that I must reach over him to type.

Often placing part of his body on the mousepad area making it impossible to navigate the screens. When I dismiss him to the floor he leaves in a huff, ultimately to return with much greater persistence.

If I had thought working from home through a little more, I would have realized that this might be an issue. I was unprepared for the extent he would go to receive my attention.

I’m just glad my 62 Plotthound Otto doesn’t employ the same tactics to get my attention.

Pictures with Animals…

Sometimes it takes a few outtakes to get a great picture with animals.

Especially when they are lovey like Zellie Bellie.

We finally got her face, but it required obstructing my sister’s face and an awkward hand.

This is the result of a freshly liked face.

Sometimes, you just have to take them out completely.

Sadie Sue

My dad’s puppy was small enough to hold in one hand at Christmas. Well not anymore! She’s almost all grown up. Look at those toes!!! She’s got Grinch feet! She’s so sweet and loves to cuddle and chase her sisters around the yard. Dogs just make life so much better! God couldn’t have made a better companion for us.

Car Rides with Zelda Sue

Riding in the car,

My dog is weirder than yours,

Or she’s really smart.

When taking trips in the car my dog Zelda has figured out that she can lay in the sun in the back window. Plus, she gets the bonus of being able to see everything around her. Silly girl.

Work in Progress – Otto

This my second attempt at Otto. I am liking so much more how this version is coming out. He’s just so handsome and I didn’t feel like the first version did him justice.

I am contemplating taking commissions for pet portraits and I would love to hear your thoughts. I have seen some really great artists out there doing pet portraiture, and it makes me nervous to put myself out there, but I just love painting pets! Would you buy one?

Finished, My Cody Boy

This is Cody. When I got divorced, I left my dogs Cody and Tullahbee with my exe because my daughters remained there and are very attached to them. I often visit them and it broke my heart to leave them behind, but I know they are happy and living their best life.

Cody was adopted from the Humane Society when he was approximate 3. He’s a love bug and a great cuddler. He barks at everything, including his shadow, especially now that he’s getting deaf. He really enjoys booty scratches and dog biscuits , but is not a huge fan of toys. Of course, walks and car rides are on the top of his list though. All in all, he’s been a wonderful part of my life. I hope you enjoy learning more about him.