Five things that happened this week

My orchid finally bloomed again. I was give. This orchid two years ago. Of course it was blooming when I got it, but then the blooms died away with the stem. I kept watering it thinking that it would bloom again, but it didn’t. The. I noticed that the roots were cramped so I changed the pot and put fresh orchid mix in there and now look! I have a pretty orchid just in time to brighten things up on this yucky winter day.

Otto is just about done. I just have to touch up the background and give I’m a couple coats of varnish and he’s good to go. Next up my little Zelda.

Monday was a kitty cuddle kind of day. I woke up and could barely walk leaving me on a heating pad on my back while the kitties and Zelda took turns making sure I was properly cared for. No worries though my back is better, at least for the most part anyway.

Harper took most of these home, but I will have you know that I accomplished the task of eating all the cookies she left behind. This is an accomplishment that I not so proud of, but they were yummy after all.

The last item I don’t have a picture of but I am happy to report that I am once again able to park my car in the garage. It is just in time for this ugly snowstorm too. Unburying my car is not something I am very fond of and I have been doing a lot of it recently.

I haven’t been that diligent this week with my posts, but I vow to pick it up next week!

Fun with Harper

To keep my niece entertained during the Super Bowl we baked some cookies. She picked the shapes and the colors. I think she did a great job of decorating them too. I let her bring home a cookie sheet full and of course she picked all the ones mommy and auntie decorated, but I don’t mind. I missed out on these younger years with my girls as we adopted them at 8, so any chance I get to have kid creations around my house, I count myself blessed.

As for the game…it’s a bummer that the Rams didn’t win.

Work in Progress – Otto

This my second attempt at Otto. I am liking so much more how this version is coming out. He’s just so handsome and I didn’t feel like the first version did him justice.

I am contemplating taking commissions for pet portraits and I would love to hear your thoughts. I have seen some really great artists out there doing pet portraiture, and it makes me nervous to put myself out there, but I just love painting pets! Would you buy one?

One way to my heart…a proper Steak dinner

Over the weekend my boyfriend took me to a steakhouse to celebrate my birthday. The place we went was called Bar Harbor. I was not expecting much as it’s up in the North woods of Minnesota, but I was surprised. The atmosphere was great, just like any steakhouse in the Cities.

I started off my experience with a Blueberry Mule that was delicious and dove right into the bread basket. It was filled with the most wonderful warm crusty bread. Next came my Cesar salad. All I have to say is thank goodness for the bread so I could soak up the dressing left on my plate. It was delicious.

Next up was my Entree…a 16oz Ribeye cooked perfectly medium. It was crusty and seasoned well. It had a dollop of garlic butter on top, but it really didn’t need it. It came with hash browns, but after tasting Bryan’s mashed potatoes I would have preferred those.

Next came dessert, we were celebrating my birthday after all. I chose the Toffee Cheesecake. It was creamy and delicious.

Then, Bryan had to roll me home, because I ate way too much food, but it was soooooo good.