Working from Home Challenges – Feline Edition

When I first found out that we were going to work from home during the pandemic I was excited. I had visions of waking up later and working in my pjs until 3:30, drinking coffee, and taking walks on my breaks.

All these things have happened and other little benefits, like staying up on laundry and other tasks around the house. I am sure that my pets love having me here, but I am not so sure that they enjoy the fact that I am preoccupied by work.

The most inconvenienced of them is Gibbs.

He’s decided that perching at the edge of my laptop keyboard is the ideal spot to make his upset known. And when that doesn’t work he has several tactics to get my attention:

The first becoming a 12lb arm weight.

He completely covers the lower portion of the keyboard with his tail.

If the first two don’t work, then he curls up right between my arms so that I must reach over him to type.

Often placing part of his body on the mousepad area making it impossible to navigate the screens. When I dismiss him to the floor he leaves in a huff, ultimately to return with much greater persistence.

If I had thought working from home through a little more, I would have realized that this might be an issue. I was unprepared for the extent he would go to receive my attention.

I’m just glad my 62 Plotthound Otto doesn’t employ the same tactics to get my attention.