Happy Birthday to Me

When your boyfriend lives 3 hours away you get flowers delivered to work on your birthday in your favorite color. We won’t celebrate until this weekend, but I love this surprise until we celebrate in person.

Just a side note on getting flowers at work. Every woman loves this no matter what they tell you. It’s always fun to make the girls at the office a bit jealous. Plus they smell sooooo good. A little dose of nature in the cubicle farm perks everyone up.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma Tulip

Today my grandmother Midge would have been 95. We were very close. I miss her every day. I still smell her perfume and Lucky cigarettes, crave her pot roast and smothered pork chops, and long for her hugs and reassurance. I wish for one more adventure, one more talk, a joke, or story. It’s a blessing and a curse to have had her in my life so long. There are so many wonderful memories, but there is also so much more to miss.

Yesterday I did a Thing

I finally did it! I bought myself a Kitchenaid mixer! Of course, I had to use it. I had so much fun icing those Christmas cookies a few weeks back that I decided to try my hand at some more.

It worked great, it was everything that I imagined it would be. Now, I need to do a lot more baking. I have decided that I am going to make Birthday Cookies for all my family members. It just so happens that today is my youngest sister’s birthday!

Happy 27th Birthday Kirsten! I hope you love your cookies and I hope that they make it to Michigan in one piece. Sorry they will be a few days late, but I hope they are a great surprise.