Losing my Hair

June of last year is when this story begins. I got a sinus infection that I just couldn’t get rid of. I was on my normal dose of antibiotics which didn’t work, so they gave me another round of antibiotics with a more powerful drug. Still I was not getting better. I was also taking over the counter Advil Cold and Sinus, as well as my normal medications for my high blood pressure and psoriatic arthritis.

I ended up leaving early from work on a Wednesday, because I was having nausea and being sick. I went home and tried to keep fluids down, but was having no luck. So, around 6 o’clock, I called my sister and asked her to take me to the ER. I knew I must be dehydrated and was feeling no better. They did some bloodwork and found that I was in kidney failure and being admitted to the hospital.

Long story short, the doctors think that being dehydrated kept my normal medications in my system too long, not being flushed away like they should and they were building up. So, my kidneys revolted. While there I also discovered I have a two gene mutations that cause blood clots, and lucky me, they found a few clots in my legs (although nothing to worry about yet as they have not reached too deeply yet).

Fast forward a few months later and my hair starts to fall out rapidly. I don’t know how to explain the horror of brushing your hair only to pull handfuls of it away from my head. Well, as it turns out, when your body goes through the stress that mine did your hair can fall out. Ugh.

I don’t consider myself vain, but my hair is one of the things that I have always like about my appearance even when I haven’t been so happy with the rest. So, this was very alarming to me. It got so bad that I had to cut it off because it became so thin and wispy on the ends.

You’ll notice in this photo the little baby hairs right in my hairline. That is the new growth at the point that I decided to cut it off.

Today it’s getting longer, but it is still a work in progress and I have little hairs that fly up all over the place. I’m still very self conscious about it as I have always had thick manageable hair. The static electricity that finds me now days is terrible. My goal is to get back to the lovely long hair that I had last March.