Change of plans

This morning I got up with plans of heading to church with my sister and her family.

Unfortunately, we are getting a ton of snow. The roads were bad and as she lives 20 miles away I decided to turn around having witnessed three cars already in the ditch.

So instead here I sit with a warm cup of coffee, paints and brushes and my imagination.

It’s Zellie Bellies turn to be immortalized on canvas!

I really wish I could have made it to church, it’s been a while and I was looking forward to it, but painting is also a good way to spend a cold snowy Sunday morning.

Work in Progress – Otto

This my second attempt at Otto. I am liking so much more how this version is coming out. He’s just so handsome and I didn’t feel like the first version did him justice.

I am contemplating taking commissions for pet portraits and I would love to hear your thoughts. I have seen some really great artists out there doing pet portraiture, and it makes me nervous to put myself out there, but I just love painting pets! Would you buy one?

Finished, My Cody Boy

This is Cody. When I got divorced, I left my dogs Cody and Tullahbee with my exe because my daughters remained there and are very attached to them. I often visit them and it broke my heart to leave them behind, but I know they are happy and living their best life.

Cody was adopted from the Humane Society when he was approximate 3. He’s a love bug and a great cuddler. He barks at everything, including his shadow, especially now that he’s getting deaf. He really enjoys booty scratches and dog biscuits , but is not a huge fan of toys. Of course, walks and car rides are on the top of his list though. All in all, he’s been a wonderful part of my life. I hope you enjoy learning more about him.

Painting Pets

I have always loved to paint.  Well, truth be told, I love to create anything.  I have many hobbies, which I plan to share with you in the future, but one of my favorite things in the past few years has been to paint portraits of pets.  This one is done in acrylic on canvas board.  The subject is my mom’s mini Australian Shepard Kismet. 


There was a time when I first started painting that I could not paint eyes, but I kept practicing and finally started to understand catch lights  and shaping.  I also learned to be more patient.  I always want things to be completed in one sitting and I have learned that the breaks offer me a chance to get perspective.

This Christmas I was asked to paint two portraits of cats for gifts.   I’ll share them with you when the holidays are over and the gifts have been given.   It came as a surprise that I was asked to paint them, but I’m up for the challenge.  I always like to have new subjects to practice on.